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A bolt from the blue in a testicular mass - continuous Splenogonadal fusion with maturation arrest

Thotadamane Nagaraja Chandrashekhar; Priyadharshini Bargunam; Ragashree Apparasanahalli Siddalingamurthy

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Splenogonadal fusion is an infrequent cause of testicular or scrotal swelling with less than 250 cases reported. We report the case of a 27-year-old male who presented with painless scrotal swelling. The sonography showed a homogeneous, well-encapsulated left extratesticular mass, which was surgically removed. The gross examination revealed a grey-brown tissue below the left testis. The microscopy of the grey-brown mass revealed splenic tissue, and the testis showed maturation arrest, resulting in the diagnosis of splenogonadal fusion. These can be easily mistaken for a tumor, especially in this age group. Reporting such an entity increases awareness among clinicians, radiologists and pathologists, which will aid in preventing an orchiectomy for these patients.


Splenogonadal fusion, Continuous variant, testicular mass, orchiectomy, maturation arrest


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