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Autopsy and Case Reports
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Deciduosis in a cesarean scar

Toyaja Jadhav; Rohini Doshetty

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Deciduosis is the presence of ectopic decidual tissue outside the uterus, pelvic, or abdominal organs usually associated with pregnancy. Cutaneous deciduosis is a highly uncommon manifestation of deciduosis and most commonly is misdiagnosed as a primary malignancy or a metastatic deposit. Typically, it is detected incidentally during operative procedures. It has been rarely documented within a surgical scar; with the incidence of surgically proven deciduosis being approximately 1.6%, and is often difficult to diagnose due to its rarity. Here, we present a case of deciduosis of cesarean scar in a 34-year-old pregnant female.


Cesarean Section, Embryo implantation, Cicatrix


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