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Fibrous hamartoma of infancy with sarcomatous transformation: an unusual morphology

Gargi Kapatia; Debajyoti Chatterjee; Kirti Gupta; Amita Trehan

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Background: Fibrous hamartoma of infancy (FHI) is a rare soft tissue lesion arising as a subcutaneous mass involving the axilla, trunk, and upper arm in infants and children <2yrs. Sarcomatous transformation in FHI is described in anecdotal cases in the literature.

Case Report: We describe one such example arising as a mass in the lower back in a 3-month-old infant. On histology, the tumor contained classic triphasic morphology; however, brisk mitotic activity noted at multiple foci was diagnostically challenging to categorize. The tumor was evaluated for ETV6-NTRK3 fusion to exclude other common differentials.

Conclusion: While FHI may be frequently encountered in infants, rare sarcomatous transformation are known to occur and merits special attention as it can be misdiagnosed. Also, a close follow-up is warranted as the lesion is known to recur locally.


Hamartoma, Neoplasms, Fibrous Tissue, Neoplasms, Connective Tissue, Neoplasms, Connective and Soft Tissue


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