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A rare combination of Dermoid cyst and Cystadenoma: Are collision tumors in the ovary a real entity?

Tushar Kalonia; Neha Kumari; Akanksha Malik; Arvind Kumar; Anupama Bahadur; Sanjeev Kishore

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ABSTRACT: Collision tumors have been reported in various organs like the gastrointestinal tract, lung, skin, adrenals, central nervous system, lymph nodes, uterus, but are rarely seen in the ovary. Collision tumors are two histologically distinct neoplasms in the same organ without any intermixture between them. Here we present a case of a collision tumor of the ovary represented by a mucinous cystadenoma and teratoma. It is imperative for a surgical pathologist to correctly diagnose the collision tumor components and differentiate them from mixed tumors as it will dictate the appropriate treatment based on the individual biological aggressiveness of each component.


Cystadenoma, Mucinous, Ovary, Teratoma


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