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Autopsy and Case Reports
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Multicystic encephalomalacia: An autopsy report of 4 cases

Manoj Gopal Madakshira; Kirti Gupta; Preithy Uthamalingam; Gargi Kapatia; Shiv Sajan Saini

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ABSTRACT: Multicystic encephalomalacia is varying sized cystic lesions in the brain encountered in developing fetuses or infants. These cysts start at the periventricular area and may extend onto the cortex. The cause of the formation of these cystic lesions is secondary to an ischemic or hypoxic insult, which leads to liquefactive necrosis and subsequent formation of gliotic cyst walls having an admixture of microglia. We discuss four autopsy cases that had multicystic encephalomalacia to highlight the scenarios in which these lesions are encountered.


Brain, Encephalomalacia, Hypoxia, Gliosis


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