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Interesting post-mortem findings in a H1N1 influenza-positive pneumonia patient

Kolady Vijayakumar Vinu Balraam; Avnit Sidhu; Vadlamannati Srinivas

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Reports of histopathological findings in a patient infected with H1N1 influenza virus are limited in the literature, although many deaths have occurred because of this viral infection. In an otherwise healthy individual with no underlying co-morbid conditions, this virus passes off as a very mild disease. However, it can be fatal in the presence of underlying risk factors. Here, we present the autopsy findings of a patient who died of H1N1 infection, but who was apparently healthy with no predisposing ailments. The autopsy revealed chronic kidney disease and caseating granulomatous lymphadenitis in addition to the known classical diffuse alveolar damage picture seen in this condition. These underlying co-morbidities may provide greater insight and a better understanding of this infection.


Autopsy, Renal Insufficiency, Granuloma, Influenza A Virus, H1N1 Subtype


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