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Ovarian adenosarcoma simulating a simple cyst in a young patient

Leonardo Gomes da Fonseca; Aloísio Felipe-Silva; Samanta Cabral Severino da Silva; Paulo Francisco Ramos Margarido; Elias Abdo Filho; Paulo Marcelo Gehm Hoff

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Müllerian adenosarcoma is a rare, mixed tumor that can occur throughout the female genital tract, but is most commonly found in the uterus. Ovarian adenosarcoma is rarer and has a poorer prognosis than uterine adenosarcoma. Data on the clinicopathological features of ovarian adenosarcoma are limited, and, due to its rarity, the management is controversial. The authors report a case of a 25-year-old patient who presented with recurrent abdominal pain. Sonography and laparotomy showed an ovarian cyst, and pathologic examination confirmed the diagnosis of cystic low-grade adenosarcoma. The patient remains free of recurrence 6 months after diagnosis. The authors call attention to the differential diagnosis of ovarian masses, especially in young patients, and to the lack of evidence on the management of this neoplasm in the literature.


Mixed Tumor, Mullerian, Ovarian Neoplasms, Neoplasm Staging, Therapeutics


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