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Testicular Regression Syndrome: a case report

Christiana de Freitas Vinhas; Aloísio Felipe-Silva; Ricardo Frank Coelho da Rocha

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Testicular Regression Syndrome (TRS) is defined as the absence or an incomplete development of the testis of varying degrees in 46XY patients with normal external genitalia. The prevalence ranges from 3-20% of cases previously diagnosed as cryptorchidism. We report the case of a 7-year-old boy who underwent surgical exploration with an initial diagnosis of cryptorchidism. Testicular structure was not identified and presumed testicular remnants were sent for histological analysis. The histological sections showed a fibrovascular nodule, structures of the spermatic cord and calcification, supporting the diagnosis of TRS.


Cryptorchidism, Orchiopexy, Gonadal dysgenesis, 46, XY, Testis, Biopsy.

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